Grass Fed Lamb

Why Grass Fed?

We currently raise a crossbred hair sheep for all of our meat lambs. We raise purebred Katahdin ewes that we cross with a White Dorper ram. We felt that Katahdin ewe's have several traits that made them the perfect fit for our farm. They are incredibly strong mothers, who typically have twins, with little or no assistance, have above average parasite resistance, are known for their mild flavor, and finally preform very well on pasture with no grain supplements. 

While Katahdin's have numerous positive traits, they are not known for their finishing size. To help add size to our lamb's we decided to cross our ewe's to a White Dorper ram. White Dorper's are also a hair sheep and have above average parasite resistance, but also are a more heavily muscled animal. 

By utilizing these breeds strong performance on grass and natural parasite resistance, we are able to provide a superior tasting grass finished animal, that doesn't need the constant pharmaceutical aids. We invite you to taste the difference of our lamb!

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