Product Pricing

Grassfed Lamb Cuts:

Leg of Lamb Bone-in:   $9.00/lb.         

Leg of Lamb Boneless:   $13.00/lb.            

Leg of Lamb Boneless Half:   $14.00/lb.

Loin Chop:   $16.00/lb.         

Rack of Lamb (Frenched): $19.00/lb.          

Rib Chops (Frenched):   $19.00/lb.

Shoulder Chop:   $10.00/lb.

Shanks:  $8.50/lb.

Ground Lamb:  $7.00/lb.

Stew Meat: 8.00/lb.    


Whole Animal's

We do offer animals for sale as either whole or halve's. Animals are sold on a hanging weight basis plus the cost of processing. 

Whole Lamb- $4.00/lb

Half Lamb- $4.50/lb


Non-GMO Pastured Poultry:

Whole Chicken- $3.50/lb  

Whole Chicken (Cut-up) $4.00/lb        

Thighs- $5.00/lb

Legs- $5.00/lb

Breast (Boneless/Skinless)- $7.00/lb

Wings- $4.00/lb



Free range non-gmo eggs- $4.00/dz

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