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Added Value
Raw Honey
Honey In The Raw

Honey from our own bees. We only filter our honey and then pour into glass jars - NOT plastic. Raw honey is an excellent source of enzymes.

Free Range Pastured Eggs
Free Range Pastured Eggs

Delicious stand-up yolks with that amazing orange you can only get from chickens raised on grass. With the ability to freely range from the menu of grass, clover, locally milled custom feed, bugs, worms, etc. our mixed flocks of hens appreciate being allowed to live as the omnivores (like us) they truly are.  (Gold Comets, Black Stars, and Hyline Browns are some of the current breeds).  Egg colors range from deep chocolate brown to creamy white, some with tints of pink, and even speckles.  Egg sizes depend on the age of the chicken, and ours run from Medium all the way to Extra-Jumbo.

Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken - 4-5 pound


Whole or half lamb is available with custom butchering.  Our sheep are raised on 100% pasture, enjoying the fresh air and fresh pasture, or hay during the winter months.

Wheel Barrow